We never thought that WinAutomation would be used for so many different tasks. Every day we receive feedback from our users that are overflowing with fresh ideas and examples of all of the innovative ways they utilize our software.

We are proud to tell you about just a few ingenious ways successful people use WinAutomation to increase their productivity, organization, and ease of life! Just take a look at the stories below:

Posting ads to a classifieds web site

John is a real estate agent with an ever-growing amount of properties to sell. Because of this, he needs to post numerous ads to as many websites as possible. Whenever a new house needs to go on the market, he uses WinAutomation to automatically login to several real estate websites simultaneously and post the advertisements. A process that formerly took hours of tedious work is now condensed into an easy, one-step process!

Retrieving data from multiple sources

A financial advisor like Jane needs to be on top of their game at all times. Jane maintains her edge by using WinAutomation to track the daily changes to interest rates, which are published on the websites of various banks. Each morning, WinAutomation retrieves these rates, compiles them into an organized report, and sends it straight to Jane’s email inbox. Thanks to WinAutomation, Jane can start every day with a clear overview of the economic changes and confidently provide accurate information to her clients.

Automatic order fulfillment

Mark is an entrepreneur that owns his own e-commerce site. Whenever a customer submits an order, he is notified by email. Each time this happens, WinAutomation extracts and inserts the customer’s data into a database. Then it proceeds to automatically generate an invoice which is sent to the customer right away. If Mark did this by hand with every order, hours would be lost and his customers would be left waiting until he could complete their custom invoice. WinAutomation helps Mark provide his customers with the rapid service they need to be satisfied with his business.

Creating SEO Reports

Andrew is a knowledgeable SEO professional. To consistently provide proof of the quality of his work, he uses WinAutomation to retrieve the rank of his client’s websites in all of the major search engines. Every day our software generates an email that contains the rank data and automatically sends it to each of Andrew’s clients.

Taking Website Screenshots

Brian’s website is dynamically updated routinely throughout the day. Brian uses WinAutomation to take screenshots of the site’s home page every 30 minutes on a 24/7 basis. The captured image is then entitled with the time and date, then stored in an organized folder. With WinAutomation, Brian can count on having a complete record of every change that occurs on his website without doing any of the work himself.

ERP Reporting

George is a marketing manager and needs a monthly sales report to evaluate his work. Unfortunately, the ERP used by his company does not provide this report. Formerly, George had to manually generate 30 daily reports, insert the data into an Excel spreadsheet and combine it all to create a single monthly report. This was obviously a very time consuming process, but it is now performed completely by WinAutomation.

Automate Photos manipulation

Diane is a professional photographer who routinely shoots thousands of photos on a daily basis. Before she discovered our software, she had to painstakingly process and sort 1000-1500 photo files after each shooting session. Now, all she does is copy the files into a specific folder. WinAutomation then takes the lead, renaming each photo accordingly, opening it in Photoshop, applying a set of filters and saving it to the appropriate folder. And Diane has more time for the part of her job that she is passionate about!

Insert data from an Excel Worksheet

Richard is a sales manager, routinely receives an Excel spreadsheet filled with numerous orders from his resellers. Until now, he had to manually enter each individual order into the company’s back-end system. Now, when one of these spreadsheets arrives in an email, WinAutomation automatically enters all of the orders into the company’s system to await processing. Instead of wasting time with this menial task, Richard now allows our software to lend a helping hand.

Data Migration to a Web based app

IT Manager Harold’s company recently replaced the old CRM system with a new web-based system. The old CRM system did not support any method of data exporting, leaving Harold with the only option of migrating the data through tedious manual entry. Instead, Harold used WinAutomation to create a task that would open each customer’s record in the old system, process its information and transfer it into the new system. The data migration was completed without any errors in a record amount of time.

Upload Files through FTP

Claire is a busy Web Developer who builds websites using the popular Joomla CMS. Whenever Joomla releases a new security update, she must implement this update on tens of websites for her customers immediately. With a consistently increasing client base, this work continues to take up more and more time. To provide her customers with quick service, she switched to using WinAutomation. Our software connects to each website, uploads the update through FTP and performs all necessary steps to finalize the update.


Alex is the owner of a movie theater. As an independent business owner, he is always looking for ways to draw new customers. He uses WinAutomation combined with the Twitter add-on to search for twitter users in his city that mention the word “movies” in their tweets. When such a tweet is posted, WinAutomation immediately sends a reply to the user with an invitation and discount ticket for the film currently presented in Alex’s theater WinAutomation has allowed Alex to use brilliant marketing tactics to attract a rising number of movie lovers to his cinema. Genius!

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