Difference between Standard and Professional Edition: The Professional Edition of WinAutomation includes all the features of the Standard Edition, plus the Job Compiler. This feature allows you to compile your Jobs into standalone executable applications that you can distribute to multiple computers and run them without the need of having WinAutomation installed.

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Upgrade from previous versions to WinAutomation v5 (Standard or Professional Edition) is available at 50% of the original license price.

Please upload the license file(s) that you want to upgrade:

Customers who have purchased a license since 12/15/2013 and customers with Software Assurance Plan are eligible for a free upgrade. In this case please send your original license to Sales to receive your upgraded license.

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What is the Software Assurance Plan

It is strongly recommended that you include the Software Assurance Plan with your order. The benefits of the assurance plan are:

  • Priority support(*) over other users with 1 business day response time.
  • Free upgrades for all minor and major upgrades that will be released during the period of the plan

(*) Note that priority support does not include the creation of WinAutomation Jobs from start to finish and is not replacement for our consulting services.

Volume Discount

Number of licenses Discount
1-5 0%
6-10 5%
11-15 10%
16-20 15%
21-25 20%
26-50 25%
51+ Contact

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