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Thu 5/10/2012 - 15:35

I would like the ability to click on a column heading in the Veriable Manager in order to sort by that column. Example: I want to quickly find a variable labeled %Running%. Right now I have to scan through the entire list to find it. If I could sort by name I would go straight to the Rs.



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Fri 5/18/2012 - 12:59


We're already working onto a search feature that would allow you to search through out the script. I'm afraid the earliest we'll have such functionality would be version 5 of WinAutomation.     :)



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Sat 5/3/2014 - 22:18

Hey Samantha - it's now well into version 5 and we STILL can't sort by columns which is a HUGE necessity when we have nine gazillion variables in a job.

We NEED this as well as a way to KEEP the manager open ALL THE TIME  instead of having to close it everytime we use it to get back to the designer.

ALSO need the window to be STICKY meaning it STAYS the same way we had it previously instead of defaulting to all SCRUNCHED up and we have to REARRANGE it ever time before it is even USABLE.but wait that's not enough we have to do that EVERY time we want to use it.


The first image is what I get EVERYTIME I open the manager. YIKES - really user friendly isn't it.

The second image is AFTER I have to rearrabge it to be able to even READ it must less use it. WHAT???

Just NOT user friendly AT ALL!


WA.variables_.manager_.5-3-2014_6-23-06_PM_.png WA.variables_.manager_.5-3-2014_6-24-10_PM_.png



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Tue 5/13/2014 - 16:46

Hi Goosiloosi, I've sent this request in several months ago as well. Since the WinAuto team has promised a total GUI makeover in Version 6, I assume that they will take care of this. Let's face it - as the functionality has become stronger, we, the users, are demanding a stronger UI. I think they've heard us. One thing I also want to see in V6 is a complete math library (or the equivalent). I mean, I have to go out to DOS or VBA to do modulus arithmetic. Really? As they say on ESPN, "Come on, man!"

So those are my high hopes for V6 - UI makeover, math library. See, I don't want much.

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