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Jag Foo

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Wed 11/11/2009 - 17:39

Got an exciting feature you want added to WinAutomation?

We are all ears. Shoot away!



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Wed 5/2/2012 - 12:49

I wonder if it´s possible to have the same function as the have in AutoMate the iNFrame action. So wa can find tabs in a software? It would be extremley helpful at my workplace =) printed a screenshot of one of the applications i was thinking of.


Br// Michael




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Mon 5/7/2012 - 15:47

Could you please patch your software or make a plugin that would make the web automation feature work with all MAJOR browsers?  Just having IE causes me pain and grief when trying to get my clients to use it for automation purposes. 



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Tue 5/8/2012 - 18:57

Would like a stronger debugger. The ability to modify a variable as needed would be great. Additionally, the ability to have WA debugger "remember" focus of the last focused window would be a great addition. I'll come up with a few more and let you know.



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Wed 5/9/2012 - 18:30

Right - I think we (JosephB, T-Hex and/or JKan) put some ideas on another post.. I'll see if I can find that. Also, would love a strong IPC (Interprocess Communication) implementation. You guys have done an awesome job abstracting the details of system apis and putting them into a beautiful and functional GUI. Is there anyway you can come up with some IPC perhaps using WCF or MSMQ all underneath covered by a beautiful set of actions? That would be THE BEST EVER AUTOMATION! Was I clear on that?



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Tue 5/22/2012 - 15:57

We have got the message! Ha ha!

Windows controllers will be available in version 5 of WinAutomation, to allow navigation and manipulation of any desktop application.

As far as the "stronger debugger" this is also in our plans, however implementing web automation for other browsers might be a bit more tricky, not quite sure whether this will be implemented some time soon.





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Thu 5/31/2012 - 13:58

Go To Webpage Command

Option to Delete Temporary Internet files and Cookies before or after navigating to the page



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Fri 6/15/2012 - 14:45

Me again.. I was playing with the Options under Tools -> Options -> Console and I would like to see the "Display Notification Popup Window" as an option on each individual job. Sometimes, I have a job that I would like to see the popup and sometimes, I don't want to see it on another job... I would like to customize this option for each individual job. That would be good!

Also, I would like to see the SMTP Server and port set as a default for every job; it's a pain to have to keep filling this out for every single job. Same thing with Error Handling. I would like an area to set default Error Handling for every job, including new ones added, then we could tailor them per job if we wished.

Just some ideas.



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Sun 6/17/2012 - 11:35

I'd like to see a silent mode for browser automation. (windows hidden while processing in background).


Also, mousewheel support (for triggering actions).



Finally, concerning variables: the list of variables is often very long and it is sometimes time-consuming to retrieve the correct variable along it.


I thought that a more advanced tree list for the variables could be done via the regions option: if a variable is defined inside a region, then the variable is listed under the region folder tree inside the variables list. If the variable is not defined inside a region, then the variable is listed alphabetically on the list outside of any region folder.


Like this, for the variables list:



-Variable 1

-Variable 2



Region 2


-Variable 1

-Variable 2




Variable 1

Variable 2

Variable 3



And as I'm in, a search box which would allow to search for a term throughout all the archived jobs and to retrieve all the jobs which contain the particular term inside a list.



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Mon 6/18/2012 - 16:41

If I may add some another requests:


Global variables like:









And another feature i would really enjoy to have is: automatic incrementation of new variables created by copy/paste, inside the tree, and if possible, ability of refactoring the variables name throughout an entire job.


Some other ideas:


- Expand/Collapse All Regions (Main Menu bar)

-Drag And Drop Lines (Steps) from one Job Designer Window to Another

-Switching from Design Preview into a Code Preview in Job Editor

-Variables Filtering options into the Variables Panel




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Wed 6/20/2012 - 15:56

Just thought of this one... how about some logging feature built on top of log4net? Internal logging (other than writing to a temp file, etc) would be sweet! The power of log4net embedded in easy to use actions. This sounds like an add-on I would love to have... Thanks!



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Thu 6/21/2012 - 11:40


Hey all!   Peter-, the Launch Internet Explorer action, allows you to clear cache, and cookies, as far as the temp Files, you can simply delete them using the following command line argument in the Run Dos Command action.    RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 8     Aurelien, we are currenlty working on a series of changes to be made on the variable system, to allow users to define the type of variable (numeric,text,list, etc). Seach functionality will be added for both, within the script and within the Jobs database. Some of the global variables you're referring to, you can already list using the WinAutomation Controller "list" argument. Except for the time elapsed, which can be listed do you make a query to the logs.dat database, which too, can be accomplished. Let me know do you wish for a script to retrieve that info, and I'll get back to you shortly. By the way! You can copy/paste the actions from one script to the other, just by selecting the actions, copy and paste in the other script!   Kim, we do actually support in v4 the "Log Message" action, which allows you to log any information you're after into the Logs.dat file directly..   Keep posting your requests people, thank you for your support and feedback    Samantha



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Thu 6/21/2012 - 12:37

Kim, just saw the other post too:

Display notification (handling per job): is listed for implementation probably v5 of WinAutomation, still waiting to hear from our developers on this one.


Global SMTP: You can use the global exception handling, where you specify your email address and details there, and then all jobs that have global handling enabled (by default) will be sending out emails upon error.






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Thu 6/21/2012 - 18:28


Btw, Slightly confused, ...  In this "Request a Feature" - Forum, when are we suppose to List the Request as a "Seperate Thread"  Topic verses just listing  All the Requests, in this one Thread (aka  "List your feature requests here ..")

So, Whats the basic rule ?  ... For a while, there were *no* requests listed in this one thread, between 2009 and middle of 2012 !





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Thu 6/21/2012 - 19:26

JB - I think its a little freewheeling... I do wish they would add some of the functionality to the forum that was lost and/or missing since it was upgraded. On a positive note, I really like the option of embedding a graphic to a server in real-time (not have to store on the web somewhere). Cool.



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Thu 6/28/2012 - 12:43

do you make a query to the logs.dat database, which too, can be accomplished.


Well, is it possible to make a query to the logs database with the SQL execute statement action ? I'm not well versed into databases so i never used that action before.



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Thu 6/28/2012 - 15:26

Both the jobs and logs databases in WinAutomation (files "jobs.dat" and "logs.dat") are SQL databases in SQLite. You can query them using the "Execute SQL Statement" action if you know the database schema (which is easy to find out if you open them with an SQLite tool).

It is advisable to make only SELECT queries (and avoid INSERT, ALTER, UPDATE, DELETE etc. as these might render your jobs and logs databases useless).





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Sat 6/30/2012 - 19:08

Hello Dennis, thanks for the advices. I'm not familiar with connection strings so i guess i will rather try the sqlite command line tool available on the sqlite site, and which can do queries too.



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Mon 7/2/2012 - 18:52

regarding connection strings, this is a great resource:



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Fri 7/6/2012 - 11:48



I think it would be nice if there was some sort of licensing mechanism built into WA that we can use to protect our compiled .exes. and would also be good if we could add a trial feature to these as well.


Whilst are appreciate this would not be 100% secure I just need this as a deterent. Even a registration form that can check a license key against a database would be enough to meet my requirements.



Jonathan Hamon



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Wed 8/1/2012 - 18:46

Keeping this post alive..

I just thought it would be neat to have a "Continue Loop" action that would continue the loop from anywhere within the loop. Right now, it looks like we need a "go to" action and a label placed right before the "End Loop" action. One action to accomplish the same thing would be neat.



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Thu 8/2/2012 - 19:24

some ideas...

1. Child jobs with-in a parent job. 

2. Maybe a way to exit/enter a loop(store info of where it left at into a variable[like: loopindex and jobline?]) 



Mike Anthony

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Wed 8/29/2012 - 1:51

This might seem like a silly feature request  but I think a more visual interface would place  Winautomation in the forefront.  Right now its is drag and drop but it would be nice to have an interface more visual like limnor studio (but of course way simpler and elegant. I am just talking about the visual diagramming.)


In really big jobs it can be tedious reading through the command lines wherre a diagram layout would be much easier --- to debug etc.


Just a thought.  WIth your updates adding frames support to the web automation I have never been happier with a purchase and Samantha is one of the best customers service/support people I have ever dealt with online.





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Wed 8/29/2012 - 17:48

Thank you all for your requests! 




There are some temp solutions that you could make use of with WinAutomation, and you could add to them to ensure functionality and security, however there are already quite a few licensing apps on the market that one could use did they decide to sell the scripts they are creating.


Kim & ChrisK

Loops: It's a good idea, and yes, it would make sense however, we would need to add some functionality and logic into it, as it would need to know where exactly the script was stopped at (or should i say paused) .. you can currently accomplish this using a temp file.. or counting an index stored as persistent variables.. if you have any questions how to accomplish please do open a separate thread, and I'll gladly post a sample script for you.

Child Jobs: We are already looking into sub-calls which will resolve the case for parent-child scripts :)



Thank you for your very kind words we appreciate your lovely and supporting comments and feedback 


In regards to the feature you're requesting please do note that we've got plans to entirely reconstruct the way in which the console, and the designer are structured, so that they maintain both a nicer looks plus additional functionality, and still preserve a user-friendly handling.


This will obviously take some time .. however, we do hope to have things sorted out for v5 of WinAutomaton.



Thank you for your feedback all! Keep on with the good work and keep the suggestions coming!





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Fri 9/7/2012 - 23:58

it would be cool to have image recognition only check a specific area of the screen.  this way it wouldn't have to check the entire screen, and it would be much faster.  the user could specify the coordinates of the area of which to check (like in a rectangle shape).



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Sat 9/8/2012 - 20:06


Current Version 4.x already allows image recognition to only check a specific area of the screen.



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Mon 9/10/2012 - 12:29

and specific area of the current window too..





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Tue 9/11/2012 - 14:06

hi - i'm new to wa and am loving it. not just powerful, but so nicely implemented.


my first suggestion is that when you are renaming a job, if you press the delete key then wa asks if you want to delete the job (rather than deleting the character to the right) - the backspace key works properly.






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Wed 9/12/2012 - 12:52

You're right, this is indeed a glitch. I've reported it, and it should be fixed. I'm waiting to hear confirmation over the version in which the fix will be included! 







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Wed 9/12/2012 - 17:11

wow, that was fast - thanks ! i also notied a similar problem in the same place, where during a rename ctrl+c and ctrl+v seem to be using the previous clipboard content (eg. the whole job) rather than the text i had just copied there to paste.



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Sun 9/16/2012 - 16:57

POP email server support



Search capability for these"

   + Which jobs use what hotkeys (search for hotkey trigger)    + Within a job for a string, an action, etc    + Find Jobs by searching for name of job    + Find text or actions within all the jobs in a tree  

Ability to color REGIONS different colors just like comments can be custom colored now. Regions are always blue currently.  I would like my variable initialization section to be green, a loop to be cream, another loop be blue, major blocks of code be different colors (Get folder from user and collect names of files, then another section with another color that processes that list of files, etc)





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Thu 10/11/2012 - 4:34

Could there be a way to display a subtle message that appears on hover/mouseover of the EXE icon in the system tray while it runs?


Or, have a way to right click that icon and display custom messages?


I have a job where I want to display little alerts/messages to get the user's attention, but I don't want to domainte the screen with the "Display Message" box nor the "Display Notification" box


I want something a lot more subtle.  Either that or a way to hide the "Display Notification" box after %specified% seconds



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Sat 10/13/2012 - 0:52

Would it be possible to allow a variable to be specified for the "Go To" action instead of a constant?


I have come across this numerous times where I'd like to be able to say "Go To %action%"


then i have several sections below like "Label: DoThis"  "Label: DoThat"  "Label: MeToo"


Currently you have to build If-this-else-if-this-else-if-this-else-if-this and I think the first way would be cleaner.



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Sun 10/14/2012 - 1:05

I would love to be able to copy a job from one folder into another or even cut out and paste to the folder in foldertree I need.



for v4 I´d be happy to have an comand database or sudgestions for not so advanced users like me


websites are getting difficult to read for newbies, but if WA would have for example a combi function move mouse to image, and get data from source code or any other of the element the mouse is pointing at would maybe solve some active x or flash problems i have lately met too.


I would also apriciate a browsertoolbar symbols and also text , addable to browsers (firefox prefered) where variables are visible for example true/false red/green activity status of browser what ever needed when automating webpages, or only build WA Browser this way don´t forget to allow tabs too ;)



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Tue 10/16/2012 - 15:52

> I would love to be able to copy a job from one folder into another or even cut out and paste

> to the folder in foldertree I need.


You can easily copy or move jobs. While in the console, select a job and then right-click on it. You will see that "Copy", "Cut" and "Paste" are available in the context menu. You can also use drag-and-drop to move a job from a folder to another.





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Mon 11/5/2012 - 14:14

I would like to see:


- trigger function for a complied job.


- tutorial for web automation actions, these function become useless when you do not have any tutorial to teach us how to use them.


- user interface


- proxy switching


- multi-threading







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Wed 11/21/2012 - 2:57

Some suggestions and heart-felt plea’s

1. I’m with KimC on his points in “Would like a stronger debugger” (5/8/12) and I add …

please-oh-please can we have the ability to move the execution point back and forward without restarting execution during step-debugging (as with VBA/VisualStudio dev environments) so we don’t have to continually reinitialise all variables at each restart when debugging a particular piece of code

2. Agree with Aurelien (6/17/12) re the variables – a collapsible tree view would be helpful

3. Again add my vote to another KimC comment “it would be neat to have a "Continue Loop" action” (8/1/2012)

4. Amen to MikeTheWatchGuy’s comment “Search capability” (9/16/12) – every editor should have a find function!

5. I’m not sure if it’s my environment but the copy/paste which works inside the WA Job Designer cannot be pasted to something like a Word doc (so we could at-least print code and locate code using Word).

6. A Job Designer File - Print Job, menu option to hard-copy at-least the content viewable in the Job Designer

7. Add some kind of read/write INI Action such as the win32 API Get/WritePrivateProfileString,to handle a keyword-referenced text files.
Maybe this could be included in the “Files Read/Write-Text from/To File” actions by adding  “Section”, “Keyword” and “KeyValue” parameters which would then search and manipulate only the referenced strings within the files.
Section:        EMAIL
Keyword:      To
KeyValue:     fred @

8. Add Actions to access the standard Reg-functions of the WinAPI (e.g. RegCreateKeyEx, RegOpenKeyEx, RegSetValueEx, RegQueryValueEx, etc)

9. Under System Actions – function to read/set O/S environment variables

10. Under Excel Actions – add “get last-filled/first-free – Row”

11. Under WinAutomation Actions – add “Enable/Disable-Job”




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Tue 12/4/2012 - 21:11

1. 12/04/2012 - A "where used" function for Variables in Job Designer. I want to be able to see a list of where each variable is used. I seem to only find the row in which the variable was defined, not everywhere it is used.


2. 12/04/2012 - Ability to double-click on a "Go to Label" action that has been placed into a job in Job Designer and actually have the screen move to the Label in the job.



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Sun 1/13/2013 - 5:19

what a nice list of suggestions!!! 


I was especially impressed with this one: "please-oh-please can we have the ability to move the execution point back and forward without restarting execution during step-debugging (as with VBA/VisualStudio dev environments) so we don’t have to continually reinitialise all variables at each restart when debugging a particular piece of code"  as this would save sooo much time...


Anyway,  my own tiny request:  I would like to have a: "if keyword exists in url" feature.





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Wed 1/16/2013 - 20:09

@seo_guy: indeed, this is a very nice list and we keep it under close watch even if we don't reply to each post.

Regarding you request this can already be done with the "If" action (by choosing the "Contains" operation).



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Tue 1/29/2013 - 19:14

I request an "Exception" tab for the "Get Details of Web Page" action.


The reason is, on the script I'm working on, I always use "wait for page to load" and then get the title and URL of the webpage.  But like 10% of the time WinAutomation errors out saying it can't extract the info or the page is not HTML.  the "Exception" tab is not available on this action.  It would be nice to bypass that error so it doesn't bomb my program.



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Thu 2/7/2013 - 8:12

There is a site I frequently visit and there are pop ups that I would like to view, close, and go back to the original site. 


The web recorder doesn't allow that to happen. Will it possible to implement this feature? Thanks.



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Sun 2/17/2013 - 0:08

1. It would be good to be able to Double-Click a waj file and it automatically IMPORTS into WA

instead of going to the drop down.(also have the import/export as icons in toolbar)

2. On the "PREVIEW" web extraction window on left, when you change the labels from text to what

you want ie: product|image url|desc and choose export to excel that it EXPORTS those labels as








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Tue 2/19/2013 - 12:11

It would be great if winautomation could play a sound when an action (within a job) cannot be completed for some reason.


Generally, I use winautomation for a long list of actions the execution of which I'd rather not watch but be alerted with sound when a problem occurs.





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Sun 2/24/2013 - 1:55

1. proxy switching!

2. captcha solving :P

3. wait seconds live timer when job is running.

4. support for mozilla like i.e. maybe! if winautomation supports mozilla then web automation can be taken to a whole new level.



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Fri 3/29/2013 - 12:54

Hello again, its getting bigger and bigger the list here, hehe


1. Drag and Drop export job could be helpfull, so basicly just drag and drop from Winautomation out to the desktop, 


2. Manage Jobdatabase could get a feature to just mark Folders in WA to backup and also restore them in WA without OVERWRITEING....


3. Manipulating with Flash in WebAutomation would be like


4. Don´t know if this will ever be possible, but triggering some Job and allow to Start even the Computer at this time.


5. Master Password Protection for Variables in Jobdesigner if you work together with somebody, just keeping them secure like Passwords or Logins....


6. A Click Link feature without delay or waiting time or just setable like in send mouse click it was.


7. In Webautomation click link features an alternate field for CSS Selector if the main one is not there, so webpages often change it needs only to change some banner and it doesn´t find the right selector,


8. like in move mouse to image, mark a region on a website, and the possibility to let the job extract the css selector itself.


9. Click link on webpage maybe not only css selector, but by value or also by text to click.


10. something like adblock plus for WA browser to have the possibility to deny loeading of some content on a page to increase speed and or prevent from having pictures or else not needed stuff.


ok thats it these are 10 things I miss the most at the moment ;D 





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Fri 3/29/2013 - 17:15

Hi I just wanted to ask for a further function an undelete Button in WA, it could help a lot if sometimes you deleted something out of beeing unconcentrate, I hope this is possible greetings virgil



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Wed 4/10/2013 - 3:41

Split function to store text varaible in an array by a set delimiter %array[1]% Splitting a variable by new line or ' or by custom text


Input box form with 4 inputs avalibe would be better then 4 inputboxes. with settable labels on the left side and stores 4 varaibles. If blank the line does not show. Buttons choices (yes, no, cancel, retry). Each line you could specify type whether text or date


GetWindow position and Set windows X and Y coordinates. Maybe grt screen resolution dimensions.


Get windows login username, system name

Lastly custom text button options.

Sorry,i had a lot of ideas.



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Sat 5/25/2013 - 14:01

Hello. Have try to find it but unsuccesfully so now I'm here. Is there a possibility to retrieve a numeric value from an image and post into a excel file or somethink like that? Same question on letter recognition (english/non-english)


Thank you.



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Sat 5/25/2013 - 14:32


In WA V4, you can use my WA OCR - Job (in the Forum: Job Gallery) which interfaces with a "free" ocr pgm to read the data from an area of the screen or browser web page and then writes the data to either a variable or a file. ( I understand that it will be possibile to directly do this with wa V5, when its released.)

Job Gallery - Forum:

Topic: OCR Screen Subregion Area to Variable


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