The Job Designer, Macro Recorder and Web Recorder options

WinAutomation has the ability to launch and use applications as if it were you yourself doing the work. It accomplishes this by sending real mouse clicks and keystrokes that were previously directed and recorded by you.

It can monitor and process your incoming emails or send email on your behalf, cutting your time spent organizing and communicating in half. It can manipulate files, create, copy, delete, rename, compress, read and write to them. It can also interact with Excel to read and write data to worksheets.

WinAutomation can also navigate to web sites; fill in web forms with your data and screen-scape web pages. Extract any kind of data and create all kind of reports. You can use it to migrate data from one application to another or even from one website to another. You can automate FTP transfers and talk to your databases.

You can instruct it to make decisions just as you would. It can handle unexpected situations by implementing actions prepared by you. If a task is not successfully completed it can send you an email. Gone is the worry about a mindless machine carrying out illogical actions or making errors should one step of the usual routine be off. WinAutomation smartly uses your preferences and direction to ensure that all tasks and issues that come its way are dealt with exactly as you want them to be.

The list goes on and on but the conclusion is straightforward: WinAutomation can handle all of the repetitive and mundane work that you currently do on your computer.

Visual Designer

The visual designer for building your automation Jobs

The most simple and natural way to describe a task is as a succession of steps: First do A, then do B, wait until C happens, etc.

In WinAutomation, you follow exactly the same procedure: You have a vast set of building blocks -called “Actions”- at your disposal. Drag and drop the appropriate actions, one after the other, to build a “Job”, the description of a task. There's an action for every one of your needs, from the simplest automation of mouse clicks, keystrokes or file operations, to the most complex actions that perform operations between variables, automate Excel, download files from FTP sites, take screen shots, send email, communicate with your database, etc.

The best thing about the Visual Designer feature is that the resulting job reads like plain English. No confusion. No guessing. No need for any programming experience. Actions are presented in a way that clearly describes what they do, and WinAutomation will understand faithfully execute any task that you create with them.

Macro Recorder

The macro recorder in action

As if Drag’n’Drop isn’t easy enough, it gets even easier with WinAutomation’s Macro Recorder. All you have to do is perform the task once while the recorder is running. WinAutomation will record what you are doing and convert your activities into a set of actions that can be replayed over and over again.

The Macro Recorder is smart enough to understand what your real intentions are: It doesn't simply record mouse clicks and keystrokes, but identifies the actual Windows controls you interact with. This results to reliable automation that works successfully every time.

The convenience of this feature doesn’t end here, however. Any changes that you wish to be made to your recorded actions can be done in the Visual Designer. You will never have to re-record the entire job again just to alter a few things. You can even insert additional actions and logic between the mouse clicks and keystrokes already recorded. This is just one of the many ways WinAutomation provides ultimate convenience and versatility.

Web Recorder

The web recorder in action

When it comes to automating web tasks, WinAutomation is simply in a league of its own. Apart from the extensive collection of Web Actions, which you can mix and match to describe your tasks, the Web Recorder turns the automation of any web site or web application into child’s play.

Setting up your tasks with the Web Recorder is a breeze and it only needs to be done once. Simply browse the web as you usually do. Fill in forms and specify the data from web pages that should be extracted. The Web Recorder will faithfully generate the appropriate set of actions for you. Much like the Macro Recorder, this feature leaves you with the reassurance that WinAutomation will carry out tasks exactly as you would, leaving you to devote your attention to more important and interesting work. Powerful, accurate and extremely intelligent, WinAutomation is the only software that delivers in the complex domain of web automation.

Custom GUI Builder

Building a custom form with the GUI Builder

There will be times when your automated task will need to request or present some info to the user.

For such cases, WinAutomation now features a new Form Builder: You can create forms with all kinds of controls in them and use advanced capabilities, such as automatic data validation.

So now you can build complex user interfaces for your Jobs. And because look matters, the created forms are based in HTML which means that, if you want, you can be endlessly customize them through simple CSS.

Task Scheduler

The task scheduler dialog

The built-in Task Scheduler allows you to execute any of your tasks automatically based on your chosen timeframe. Set up your tasks to be done exactly when you need them by selecting from the different options in the schedule menu.

You can make selections for specific days and times, as well as base your schedule off of a daily, weekly, monthly or even arbitrary routine. Have your schedule run indefinitely or choose a date at which the schedule will end.


The WinAutomation Triggers width=

You can run any task you automated -or “Job”- by selecting it and pressing the “Run” button. But that’s not all. You can attach “Triggers” to a Job to specify the conditions in which a Job will run automatically.

There is a multitude of ways this feature that will make your work life all the easier. Choose to have a job launch at any moment a file is created, an email arrives or an application is launched. Run a Job when a server goes down, on predefined intervals or as soon as you leave your computer. It can even be as simple as automatically running a task with the simple press of a predetermined hot-key!

Job Compiler

The Job Compiler dialog

WinAutomation Professional Edition includes a Job compiler that allows you to convert any Job you have created into a standalone Windows application. Moreover, you are free to distribute or sell any Job you created this way with no restrictions at all.

Imagine that! What started as your effortless combination of actions has suddenly evolved into you creating your very own applications, all with the click of a single button!

Advanced Features

Every user starts by automating their simple tasks, but as soon as they realize just how efficient WinAutomation really is, they quickly move on to transferring even their most complicated tasks to the hands of WinAutomation. Just one try and you too will want to delegate your most complex work to WinAutomation. Therefore, it is critical that this program is powerful and flexible enough to handle everything that you throw its way.

WinAutomation also boasts many advanced features that you will discover as you go further. Here are just a few that will make even the most difficult task automations a snap:

  • Full support for advanced loops that can iterate lists or repeat blocks of actions any number of times, as well as support of flow control and conditional structures (If A, then B, else C) for implementing even the most complex tasks.
  • Functions that help you build complex jobs by breaking a large job into small and manageable modules.
  • Image recognition that literally sees what’s on your screen and lets you interact with any kind of third party applications. This unique feature can handle tasks that are extremely difficult to automate and virtually removes any barriers controlling what you can or cannot automate with WinAutomation.
  • Full support for variables of different data types. Apart from simple variables that hold text, numerical, date & time or Boolean (true/false) values, WinAutomation can also handle lists and DataTables for implementing more complex logic and tasks.
  • A Visual Debugger that will help you identify any errors should a job not perform as intended. Set breakpoints and walk through your task step by step to inspect it while it is executing.
  • Exception handling to compensate for unexpected conditions that may occur while the Job is running. No more settling for the possibility of task failures. Create reliable jobs that you can always count on, no matter what happens.
  • Detailed event log to keep track of the Jobs run by WinAutomation and their results. WinAutomation does all of your organization and supervision for you.

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