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Those of you who have moved to WinAutomation version 4, have already experienced the features related to Web Automation. WinAutomation has now dedicated actions for navigating the web, filling web forms and extracting data from web pages in the most natural way.


Sure, people used WinAutomation in the past to automate web-related tasks. This was accomplished with Image Recognition and html parsing techniques, but let's face it, this approach was neither the most intuitive, nor the most efficient one (not to mention that it was quite hard for the user to implement).

Now WinAutomation can natively understand and examine every web page. You can instruct your Job to click on a link, and it will do so even if the next time the link appears on a different part of the page. The magic behind this relies on CSS Selectors, but we'll talk more about this in a later post.

However, there was a little detail that didn't play well enough, and that had to do with web pages that included frames. Nowadays only a small percentage of web sites use frames, so this wasn't a huge issue (although I recall a time when frames were the next big thing, when Netscape was the indisputable champion of the web and web sites were hilariously ugly compared to today's standards).

Huge or not, we had to resolve it and here it comes version 4.0.1. It took us almost a month but now even web pages with frames (or iframes) are handled gracefully. We have also corrected a few bugs along the way (most of them quite obscure, that would appear only in extreme cases).

If you have v4 installed you may download and install the new version now. This is a maintenance release and therefore a free upgrade; no need for a new license key.

If you are still on version 3.x. do yourself a favor and move on to version 4! You will need to upgrade, but it is totally worth it. If you like WinAutomation, you will definitely love our latest version.



Jul 6th, 2012 11:32

I see version 4.0.2 was release yesterday. Is there a change log for this version?

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