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I want to post a Tweet on Schedule



In order to post a Tweet on a Schedule, we need to specify the account that will be used to make the posts, as well as the text file, from which it shall take the tweets, and last but not least, add a Schedule Trigger to the job.

Using the Twitter Addon actions, we use the "Specify Twitter Account" action to specify the user from which the Tweets will be posted from.

Then, using a "Read Text from File" action, we read the text file to which we have been saving the phrases we want to post, and we make sure we store the file's content as a list.

Using the "Post a Tweet" action, we then specify that we want it to post the first item of the list. The first item on a list, is item 0, since our lists are zero based. So from the variable %ListsOfTweetsToBePosted% we specify that we want the first item of the list by including number zero in square brackets within the percentage symbols that hold the list variable. So that would be %ListOfTweetsToBePosted[0]%

Since we do not want to paste the same Tweet again, we also make sure that we remove that line we just posted from our Tweet list.

That can be easily done using a "Remove Item from List" action, where we specify that we want to remove the 1st item of the list. That would be the item at index 0 of our %ListsOfTweetsToBePosted% variable.

Having done that, we need to replace the list we previously got from our text file with our new list (which would be the list missing the 1st item we just posted)

Using the "Write Text to File" option, we simply write the contents of the list %ListOfTweetsToBePosted% and choose to overwrite any existing content.

Minimum WinAutomation version required: 3.1




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I love to automate my website! Will that be possible without spamming! Kind regards Valerie

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