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I want to keep daily stats of my Twitter Account



We start by specifying the folder and subfolders in which our excel file is located, and continue by getting the current date and time, so that we can append it to the excel file among with the figures we will retrieve.

Using the "Launch Excel" action, we specify the path for our excel file that holds our Twitter Stats, and continue building our job using the "Get Twitter User" action, whose output variable holds all the information we need to fill in our Daily Stats.

Using the "Get First Free Column/Row" we find which the first free row available is, and having got that information, we can now use the "Write to Excel" action, to fill in the information we need to our Excel File.

We shall first append the date, so we configure our first "Write to Excel" action to write the current date and time to the first column.

In the second column, using the Properties of the %TwitterUser% variable, we define that we want to get the number of tweets the user has done till now, and write that value in the second column.

Samewise, we configure the third and fourth "Write to Excel" actions to write to the first free row we previously defined, and using the variable's properties the followers number plus the number of friends the user has to the corresponding columns.

Our last action, is to save and close the Excel file, using the Close Excel action.

We can also configure a Schedule Trigger to run this Job every day update our Twitter Stats Excel Sheet.

Minimum WinAutomation version required: 3.1

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