Create Folders based on Year>Month>Day for a specific period of time

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 Imagine having to create a folder for each day of the year for any random use, that could be to save the day’s work or even to save your projects or photos per day or just to keep track of the your work you have been doing per day throughout the whole year.

Do you sit there and create folders one by one? It’ll probably take you a couple of hours to create 365 folders for each day and another 12 folders per month. And you will also have to make sure you get the right number of days for each month.. cause not all months have 30 days and depending on the year February does not always have 28 days.

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Find all duplicate mp3 files

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Have you been creating playlists by copying and pasting your MP3 Files from one Folder to another and have ended up with 10 copies of the same song and now need to get things right?

All you need is a job that will compare the content of two Folders and move any duplicate items into a third Folder.

So let’s see how we can accomplish that...

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PART III - Monitor your email account, and perform specific Jobs when new email arrives

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PART III. Automating email replies and auto forwarding specific information from email's body to other emails (Receiving an order via email, sent from my business website order form. Sending the information found in the email's body to my Sales department to process the order, Sending email to the customer to thank him for purchasing the products)

You are the one that has to receive all the emails, extract information from each one of them and send different parts of the information contained in the email to different recipients.. Well... That's easy now with WinAutomation!

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