Merging Multiple Documents in One

Posted on by Samantha under: Document Merging Text Merging Merging Multiple Text or Document Files

Let’s say you have your daily reports and you have to merge them all in one single document in order to send it to your boss! But a daily report would mean approx 20 reports per month, so you would have to open each window, select everything within the document, copy it, switch to your new document that will contain all the merged files once you are done and paste it there, and also close the file you just copied and also you need to make sure you will not copy the contents of a file more than once!

Boring and it will take tooooo much time off my busy schedule…!

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Delete Files in FTP older than 2 Weeks

Posted on by Samantha under: FTP File Management

Ever wanted to get rid of files that you have not accessed in your server after backing it up? Storing a great deal of data in a machine and making backups of the same information again and again is not so useful, since some files are not meant to be modified after being sent on the server and are not used by anyone (so no one will miss them if they cannot access them directly), and they can always be found in a backup.

Using WinAutomation, you can create a job that will do this for you, without you having to go through each files properties again and again and check which files have been modified since your last backup.

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Copy text and paste it after the formatting has been removed!

Posted on by Samantha under: Copy Formated Text and Paste Plain Text

Wouldn’t it just be great if you could copy some text from a website or any other documents and not having to paste it in a notepad window and copy it again from there in order to achieve getting the text alone with no formatting?

When using editors as Word or Excel or even Outlook and you copy paste a piece of text that contains any formatting what so ever, it pastes all it gets and it’s not really helpful having to re-customize what you just got! 

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Clean your active desktop from all your files and folders on a Daily basis creating an Archive

Posted on by Samantha under: Clean Desktop Archive Desktop files Organize Folders

I’m forever saving things on my desktop, and then comes a day where I wonder where I got so many files from!

All my downloads (when it prompts me to save the file, and i'm in a hurry I usually save it on my desktop to make my life easier to quickly access it!) and temporary files that I copy to the desktop and edit them, just never get archived!

They just get thrown in a folder called my desktop 2010.. (depending on the year if I’m in high spirits!) and from that point on.. I am just totally lost about what I have, what is what.. and always wonder "where did I save that file.. and what was its name when I last saved it on my desktop??"

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Capture the screen, get the screenshot file path on the clipboard, and create your Screenshots' Archive!

Posted on by Samantha under: Screenshots Screencapture Utility Printscreen

I’m forever taking printscreens of something I want to show to someone cause I think it’s the best way to explain things without getting people confused.

But taking screenshots one by one then opening paint and pasting the image, and then having to save it in a folder and then try to find the exact path I used to save it in order to send it to whoever I wanted to in the beginning, is a procedure that bores me to death every time!

And since I was not too keen on looking for yet another printscreen utility that would have to run on my pc just to capture screenshots alone.., after playing about for a while with WinAutomation I managed to get a job to do exactly what I need!!

Capture the screen, get the screenshot file path on the clipboard,  and create your Screenshots’ Archive!

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